Helpful Tips and Distractions for the Week of June 14th

We are no longer dealing with distance learning, but it’s still a rather strange world we live in and I came across a few things this week that may be able to help or at least provide a needed distraction.


Why Kids are Angrier and What Parents Can do About It

I found this article rather informative and helpful. We’ve also been using 

Mindful School Online Class for Kids .  Ep.4 * Read Aloud and Big Emotions *may be a good resource if you still have a child under 6. Some of the other classes can help older children and even adults. 


Guided Walking Tour of the Ruins of Pompeii:  This was fascinating, if a bit long. Be sure to turn on closed captions so you know what you’re looking at.


MOFGA Kids’ Gardening Club Tuesday, June 16th at 11 AM. Tickets are free.

Do you know a kid who is growing their own garden or a row in their family’s garden? If so, please encourage them to come to the first meeting of MOFGA’s Gardening Club! We’re meeting online, so you can join us from wherever you live in Maine, or beyond!

Kids ages 6-10 can log onto Zoom (with parental support) to connect with other enthusiastic young gardeners from around our state. Facilitated by MOFGA staff, this meeting will include a story about growing food in Maine (from much-loved Maine children’s author Dahlov Ipcar), a garden sharing circle (please bring something related to your garden for show-and-tell) and a garden-related craft that you can follow along with & do at home. Kids are welcome to bring questions about their garden too – maybe other kids or MOFGA staff will be able to help!


I have been known to make the comment that I only run if there is a killer clown chasing me. During quarantine, however, running. has become a great source of peace and sanity for me. This is one goal I am working toward for the fall. 

World United Run

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Real Runs – Real Medals – Virtual Worldwide Community!

Take part in the virtual running highlight of the year! The world stands together in the fight against the novel coronavirus. We are converging all over the world to set an example for solidarity and a world that holds together – whether with a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or the premier class, the full marathon!

Take part in the World United Run with runners from over a hundred nations and experience the real, international spirit!


Starter number (for printing)
Access to the portal with ranking list
Certificate (for printing)
Your unique World United Medal
Set your goals now and get your early bird discount!

Imagine our own story: online writing workshop

Thursday, June 18th 10AM

Using different prompts and techniques, we will come together on Zoom to write stories. We’ll write a fairytale, hero’s journey, and myth with help from each child and read each story aloud.

Feel free to dress up as a fairy tale or storybook character that you’d like to include in one of our stories!

This event will be hosted on Zoom, so please click the link to sign up and receive the link and password.



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