ShineonCass Project Spreads Kindness to RSU18 Staff

The first ShineOnCass project of the year happened across RSU18 schools on the first day of school, which would have been Cassidy Charette’s 23rd birthday. Students decorated tags that had the message “Kindness if free, sprinkle it everywhere” on it, that were then put under staff’s windshield wipers.

The first day of school after 6 months of being closed for a pandemic is a whole new level of crazy. Teachers across the country are dealing with so much – and we knew that on Cassidy’s birthday (& every day), she’d want us to help our students do what they can to shine her kindness to their teachers.

This year is about kindness. It’s about doing what you can to help your neighbors.

Mrs. Lachance, 4th grade

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