Free breakfast and lunch for all students

As you may have heard, the USDA has extended the Summer Meals Program until December 31st, 2020, or until funding runs out.  This means that any child 18 years or younger can get a free breakfast and lunch!

For students learning on-site, RSU 18 will serve free breakfast and lunch until the waiver expires.  For remote students, families can pick up free meals at the school closest to their home between the hours of 11 am and 12:30 pm each school day. Meals will not be served on the weekends or on days school is not in season.  We will allow families to pick up two days’ worth of meals per student if requested. In order to avoid food waste, meals for pickup are being made upon request only. Call the school’s main office and let them know how many meals you need and when you will be picking up during the 11-12:30 window.  They will notify the kitchen and we will try to have your meals ready for your arrival. 

Milk is offered with meals, but milk is not free to students bringing their own lunches. Students can purchase milk to go with their lunch from home or for snacks if they want.

Parents should still fill out our free and reduced lunch application as soon as possible in order to qualify for free or reduced lunch prices when this program ends. You can fill out the application online at 

 Please contact nutrition director Barbara Bonnell at with any questions.

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