Team Evergreen Tries Surrealist Sculpture

MMS eighth graders have a chance to take some great new electives this year. For example, Team Evergreen has been exploring Surrealism in Art with Mrs. Dumont. Students have been studying artists of the Surrealist art movement like Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and Rene Magritte.

“They explored this strange, unexpected and dreamlike style through collage, sculpture and digital art,” said Mrs. Dumont. One of their more recent projects was to create a self portrait similar to “Soft Self Portrait with Grilled Bacon” by Salvador Dali.

“The soft sculpture was constructed from wire and nylon panty hose over a wooden base,” said Mrs. Dumont. “Students used gesso and paint to create [it]. Most did this in an abstract style but were asked to write a paragraph to explain what made this a self portrait.”

Here are just a few of the amazing results!

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