Dollar General Literacy Grant Awarded to CPS

Earlier this month, CPS received the fantastic news that they had qualified for a $3000 Youth Literacy Grant from Dollar General. 

This grant was written by Lacey Studholme in conjunction with RSU 18 Grant Writer Claire Heffernan and will go toward expanding the Superkids literacy program at CPS.

“For this particular grant we were interested in the decodable reader books and some of the other components of the program,” said Ms. Studholme  “Decodable readers are essential in developing phonics and reading skills for early elementary learners. We hope to purchase these books to build upon our existing materials with phonics and enhance student learning and growth.” 

CPS has been using the Superkids program with their second-grade students for the last two years because it “has this great way of embedding phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension skills throughout the many different ways that students learn to read,” said Studholme

Students will be assessed with the NWEA testing program and students who are below reading level will be introduced to the Superkids Program in small classroom groups, with emphasis given to students who qualify for Title 1 services or have IEPs. Their progress will be monitored throughout the year using the NWEA. The hope is that all second-grade students who are currently below reading level will show at least a full year of growth. 

“Since [Mrs. Studholme] is now at CMS, the grant will stay with CPS, and [Principal Darlene Pietz] or a staff member will work with Lacey to manage and complete the grant,” said Ms. Heffernan.  “It was exciting to hear that Lacey’s hard work was rewarded with a grant to support literacy at CPS.”

The Dollar General Youth Literacy grant has been awarded to four RSU 18 schools in the past. Atwood, Belgrade Central, and Williams received $2000, and CMS received $4000. This year, in addition to the $3000 received by CPS, MHS was awarded a $2000 grant for the purchase of books and e-books. 

Congratulations to both schools!  

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