All the World’s a Stage…

We are seeing so many fantastic examples of resilience in our district during these unprecedented times. The Messalonskee Players are a prime example of a group of RSU 18 students who are working together and thinking outside of the box in order to be able to safely pursue their passion. 

“We decided to start the student-led drama club when we realized that we wouldn’t be doing our traditional fall show due to Covid-19,” said group member Julia Bard. “We were director-less and still ready to act, so we decided to pull something together for ourselves.”

A group of about 15 students has been regularly meeting outside to do acting exercises and drama games.  They have even had alumni come back to teach choreography lessons!  While it’s clear that they won’t be doing a formal performance for an audience anytime soon, the students are looking to find a play or a series of unconnected scenes and songs that could be performed outside or recorded to share with the community. 

“The point of this club is to make theater together safely during this uncertain time, and prepare underclassmen for future shows here at Messalonskee,” said Ms. Bard. “We hope to have our traditional program back as soon as possible, but in the meantime, we will still be acting as a group and growing as a Drama family!”

These students’ determination, dedication, and ability to continue to pursue their love of theater under the circumstances is a testament to their character, to the strength of the overall program, and to the guidance of their recent advisors. Keep up the great work, MHS Players. 

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