10/19/2020 Update from Superintendent Gartley- Please Read


Some of you may have heard already, but I am writing to inform you of a COVID 19 incident in our district, specifically two students at James H. Bean School.

I will start by sharing a few guidelines of this communication.

  • I will only provide the details that are appropriate.
  • Jodi Henyan (school nurse) and I have both spoken to the official at CDC assigned to this case.
  • If more information was needed to keep people safe, it would be shared.
  • CDC recommended not to share identifying information about the students as it is not necessary in this case.

A grandparent of two of our students was exposed to COVID 19.  The grandparent was in contact with the students and their parents.  At that time the students were immediately removed from school, and have not been back since.  The grandparent has tested positive.  Since then the parent(s) have tested positive and we were informed today that now the children have tested positive.  

Our information originally came from the parents who were keeping the school informed.  The CDC did not contact the school.  The school nurse and I both contacted the CDC.  We were both told that since the children were not in school since their exposure, school was not identified in the contact tracing as a concern.  Further, the CDC recommended that there is no action for the school to take in this case.  The entire family is following CDC isolation protocols as are all other who were possibly exposed to the family.

Should there be any additional actions recommended by the Maine CDC, they have told us they will be in contact with either the school nurse or myself.   If this happens, any new information will be shared.

I have consistently told everyone that if there was a case of COVID 19, I would communicate all appropriate information to the staff and the parents. That is why I am sharing this with you now.

If you have questions, please contact me.

Carl Gartley

Superintendent of Schools 


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