Virtual Trip to the Farm for WES 4th Graders

Mrs. Veilleux’s 4th grade class recently had the opportunity to go on a virtual field trip to Barstow’s Dairy Farm out of Hadley Massachusetts. Students learned a variety of information about dairy farming and how it is beneficial to local communities.

Even though the dairy farm was in Massachusetts students were still able to see the benefits of natural resources and farming which are similar in Maine. Caroline learned that cows can stand up and walk around the same day they are born. Cavan learned that one cow produces about 9 gallons of milk a day. A fact that stood out to Oliver was  that cows can get pregnant at the age of 1 and have a baby at age 2. Garrett stated that this virtual field trip connects with our Maine studies because we learned how farming produces major resources for our local communities such as cheese and milk. We also learned alternative uses for cow manure such as creating electricity, fertilizing fields, etc.

This virtual field trip was a great connection into our Maine regions unit which teaches students about natural resources and physical features of Maine’s three regions.

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