Recreating Homecoming Week

As with many events, Homecoming will certainly look a little different this year, but school pride is finding a way at MHS.

The class hallways will still be decorated today and the traditional spirit week is still on with dress up themes for each day and points awarded for participation. The class with the most points will win the coveted spirit stick.

While the usual parade isn’t possible, MHS has come up with a creative solution.  Each class will still decorate a float which will be on display in the student parking lot Monday evening at 5:00.  Parents and community members are invited to participate in a drive through parade ( no one is permitted to leave their vehicles) to view the 4 floats and “vote” for their favorite by donating a non-perishable food item to the class whose float they liked best. All items will be donated to the MHS food pantry.

The MHS Concert Band and MHS Jazz Band will be performing at the event. At 5:15, the Concert Band will perform excerpts from two pieces of concert music plus a few pep pieces and the School Song.  Please note that you will hear an audible metronome since that is a requirement to keep the players together while they are spaced at 14′ apart. At 5:35, the Jazz Band will perform one piece and will feature 4 soloists. 

The concert will also be live streamed on Youtube to bring a little taste of homecoming to those who cannot join the drive through parade and concert.  Here is the link:

Happy Homecoming!

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