Tuesday Me Time 11/17/2020

As we are about to launch into a rather challenging holiday season, we wanted to connect you with some strategies that can help deal with the stress and uncertainty. From the benefits of laughter to journaling through the tough emotions, we have some great material to get you through.

In uncertain times, think like a mother | Yifat Susskind

There’s a simple and powerful way to confront the world’s most pressing crises, says women’s rights activist Yifat Susskind: think like a mother. As she puts it: “When you think like a mother, you prioritize the needs of the many, not the whims of the few.” Follow along as she shares moving stories of people around the world who embody this mindset — and shows how it can also help you see beyond suffering and act to build a better world.

Feeling Lots Of….Feelings? Journaling Can Help

There’s a lot to think about right now. Journaling might help –and you don’t need a fancy notebook or lots of time. Here’s where to start.

Humor – Humor is a coping system most people have that helps divert attention from uncomfortable, difficult, stressful, and distressing situations such as the current pandemic. Although there is nothing especially comical about this COVID-19 pandemic, science tells us that funny and playful cartoons, videos, and quotes may be just what the doctor ordered to ease the feelings created by the pandemic. Feelings such as distress, fear, anxiety, grief, etc. that many of us are dealing with on a daily basis. We all need strategies to ease the stress that is choking so many of us. Go ahead and laugh at your pets antics, a good meme or reruns of I Love Lucy. A good, solid belly laugh may be exactly what you need to lighten the mood, relieve some tension, and feel better overall.

Read the full article at How Humor Can Ease the Stress of COVID-19 by Sherri Gordon on www.verywellmind.com

BEST 10 Min Deep Yoga Stretch | Unbelievably Effective Yoga For Uncertain Times

A 10 minute deep stretch yoga class that will calm the body and mind during these uncertain times. Through this quick and effective yoga practice we will gently release tension, stress, negativity, and help you find strength and a deeper inner balance. This calming Boho Beautiful Yoga class is perfect for anyone that is a beginner or simply looking for a deep & calming yoga stretch. We will stay on the mat the entire time, and focus on releasing tension and stiffness out of the hips, hamstrings, and your side body.

Want a longer routine? Try Yin-Yoga for Uncertainty.

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