2020-2021 Gratitude Grant Demonstrating the Power of Gratitude During COVID-19

The RSU 18 Lifestyles (Wellness) team launched their 2020-2021 Gratitude Grant last week!  With the theme of “We are one (#WeAreRSU18) but for now apart”, proposals need to focus on promoting self-care, staying healthy, and being grateful in these trying times.

Submittals for each school are due by Friday, December 4th and judging will be completed by Friday, December 11th.  All proposals will be awarded $250 dollars to complete their plan. The top submittals will be awarded an additional $250.  An additional award is in the works for the most creative proposal.

The Lifestyle Team wanted to encourage positive thinking and gratitude as it can help with problem solving and creativity, helps build resilience and even strengthens the immune system.

Stay tuned for all the amazing and creative ideas that are sure to come out in our RSU 18 proposals!

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