WES Positivity Quilt

On November 6, Principal Melanie Smith challenged the Williams Elementary Staff to make 275+ positive phone calls in 6 weeks.  Each positive call is represented by a square on the positivity quilt that includes the name of the student and the positive news shared with the family.  Each grade level uses different colored squares. 

The staff has an opportunity to earn additional “jeans days” through 2020 for meeting the goal.  It has been exciting to watch the quilt fill up and to hear the amazing feedback from parents, teachers and students. 

Some staff have stated that making these calls at the end of the day is one of  the highlights of their day.  Parents are so appreciative of the calls.  It is so important to celebrate all the wonderful things our students do each day.

This is such a challenging time for everyone in our community right now, and we felt this was the perfect time and perfect way for our staff to spread some cheer.

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