MEEA Outdoor Learning Grant

Mrs. Dunn, who is teaching a grade K/1 classroom this year, was recently granted a $400 outdoor learning grant from the Maine Environmental Education Association (MEEA). 

Mrs. Dunn was inspired to apply for this grant due to the acres of beautiful forest land behind the China Schools. “Due to the present need to keep physically distanced from from each other, we hope to put this forest to use in order to help with our daily learning,” said Mrs. Dunn.

Mrs. Dunn also praised retired teacher and forest expert, Anita Smith, and her role in making the forest a perfect learning space. ” She has worked tirelessly on a completely volunteer basis to make our forest a place where we can hold classes comfortably, study wildlife, and explore nature,” said Mrs. Dunn. “Anita has enlisted and coordinated the efforts of numerous volunteers to help rebuild and create an outdoor learning environment in which teachers can expand their teaching and worry less about the spread of germs in these unprecedented times.”

China Primary School plans on purchasing children sized orange safety vests and bird ID books for each classroom.

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