2020 Gratitude Grant Winners

The 2020 gratitude grants are all in, the votes have been tallied, and we have our winners!

This year’s theme is “We are one (#WeAreRSU18) but for now apart.” All proposals, which were due last Friday, needed to focus on promoting self-care, staying healthy, and being grateful in these trying times.

Five gratitude grant proposals were submitted this year: 

Atwood Primary proposed a project titled “The Joy & Gratitude of Giving” which would create a holiday shop to provide students the opportunity to choose and wrap gifts for their parents or special people. 

Belgrade Central’s “Attitude of Gratitude” has the goal of supporting staff, students, and area businesses. They propose to create a variety of events for students and staff including grade level cookouts and gratitude baskets featuring items from local shops. 

China Middle’s “From Lemons to Lemonade” focuses on creating opportunities to build staff morale and school community during a particularly tough year. 

China Primary’s “It is Better to Give than to Receive” proposal launches a school based wellness challenge where teams can engage in friendly competition to win money for a charity of their choice. 

Williams Elementary proposes to create a “February Family Staycation Kit” for each of their 207 families to provide them “stress free fun during an extremely stressful time.” The kits would include things like cards and game rules, bubbles, silly putty, and popcorn. 

After much deliberation, our group of judges (Mr. Gartley, Mr. Morin, and Mr. Smith) reached a consensus. All five submittals will be receiving $250 to execute their plans. The two winning proposals that will receive an additional $250 are Williams Elementary and Atwood Primary. 

As promised, a new prize is being awarded for creativity this year and the winner is Williams Elementary who will receive an additional $100 for their family staycation kits. 

Congratulations to all the participating schools. Great job! 

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