MHS Greenhouse Club receives Maine Ag Grant

MHS Greenhouse Club member Paige Dudley, a senior, applied for a grant to promote the blueberry bushes at Messalonskee High School and to build a proper fence to protect them. We were awarded the “Maine Ag In The Classroom” grant of $1000.00, which provides funds for hands on agriculture learning. For the past two summers, the club has harvested 15 lbs of blueberries which equal 20 cups. This fall, the club coordinated with the MHS Nutrition Supervisor, Patty Shorty, to make blueberry muffins for breakfast. They were delicious and many students enjoyed them. With this grant,  the club did plan a few teaching opportunities that did not happen because of Covid 19 restrictions. The club was planning on going to the elementary school to read “Wild Blueberries for ME” and have a guest speaker from a blueberry farm. These events will be rescheduled. With matching funds from the Greenhouse club, Lowes was contracted to put in a sturdy black metal fence. It ties in nicely with the rest of the school campus fencing and it will keep the deer out!  Students helped to measure the fence area, marked it for Dig Safe, weeded the garden and put down fabric and mulch thanks to Jeff Sheive and the maintenance crew.

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