Tuesday Me-Time 1/5/2021: Tips for taking on the New Year

Happy New Year! Perhaps you’ve made some great resolutions or set some solid intentions for the coming year? We know how hard it is to stick to resolutions in a typical year, and this year is still anything but typical, so we’ve loaded you up with some great tips to help you move forward and stick to your goals in the New Year.

When we are focused on the big picture, we tend to overlook the smaller accomplishments that can keep us energized. So here are Eight simple tips on how to celebrate small wins daily.

It’s easy to set goals that we feel optimistic about at first and then find ourselves thinking that we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. If you need a few more strategies to keep you from getting discouraged, check out this article on Cultivating confidence: succeeding one step at a time. 

Our best intentions are often derailed by our social media feed, by watching several “one-more episodes” of our current favorite show, or by simply being so over-scheduled we can’t focus on the things we want to. This short Ted Talk gives us some great ways to figure out our actual priorities, and how to break things into manageable steps that can be scheduled into our lives. 

Of course, getting a restful night’s sleep is essential to physical and mental health and key to having a productive day. Check out this video on  How to improve your sleep environment.

Here’s a little Life Kit Throw back to New Year 2020. A lot of us had great plans for 2020 and we all know how those turned out.  Nevertheless, this playlist contains some great advice on how to Transform Your New Year’s Resolutions Into Habits.

Last but not least, if you still need a great workout to get you energized and moving in the New Year, try this one!

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