Tuesday Me-Time 1/12/2021: this one is for the kids

Happy Tuesday! One reason that self-care is more important than ever right now is so that we have the strength and resilience to help the children in our lives. As parents, grandparents, and educators we need to be at our best, and it’s always good to have some resources to help us help them. Therefore, this week is focused on the kids and what we can do to get them through the craziness of today’s world. 

One great resource for parents and teachers is https://childmind.org/. From tips on how to talk about tough events in the news, to resources for helping kids cope with the ramifications of the ongoing pandemic, to ways to keep up their social skills while they work from home the Child Mind Institute has what you need.

Here are a few recent topics that caught our eye:

Helping kids understand the riots at the capitol

Will My Child Bounce Back from Coronavirus Crisis

Twice Exceptional Kids: Both Gifted and Challenged

Teaching Social Skills at Home

These picture books are another great way to help younger learners deal with difficult situations. 

Struggling To Discuss Tough Topics With A Kid? Here Are Books That Might Help.

Ok, so we may all be getting a little sick of Zoom, but here are some ideas that can help keep it fresh. This one is for the teachers out there, but many of these fun Zoom based activities could also be used during family Zoom dates. 

20 Fun Zoom Games for Kids

And here’s another cool learning tool to check out: https://edu.pixton.com/parents/

Looking for a screen-free option? Podcasts can be a great way to cut down on screen time and give kids something fun and educational to do while you do work or make dinner. One of the only times my kindergartener sits still is if he has a podcast and a puzzle. This article features some great podcasts to check out.

We’ve already mentioned Cosmic Kids Yoga. Another great resource from Cosmic Kids is Zen Den. These short mindfulness videos help kids deal with listening, stress, anger, and more big emotions.

Have a great rest of your week!

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