WES February Staycation Kits

Williams Elementary  School  was one of the winners of the district’s Gratitude Grants this year and they also received a Creativity  Award for this year’s project.  WES wanted to show their appreciation to their families for all of their support during the March closure (that extended until mid June) and throughout this unique school year. 

Principal Smith said, “The WES staff greatly appreciated all that our families did last year to support their children at home with materials that were prepared each week.  This year our families have adjusted to new safety protocols and continue to support their remote learners and in-person learners. We miss seeing our families in our school and at special events we have typically planned in the past.  We look forward to the day we can welcome them all back into our school when it is safe to do so.” 

On February 11, students received February Staycation Kits that included silly  putty, cards (with directions for a variety of card games), crayons, mindfulness coloring pages, bubbles, a family set of Bingo cards, popcorn, yoga sequence cards (beginner & intermediate) and a card from the WES staff.  The WES staff hopes the February Staycation Kits provide their families with a variety of fun activities to partake in during the vacation.

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