Global School Play Day 2021

Many of our elementary schools celebrated the 7th annual Global School Play Day on February 3rd. While it may have been a tiny bit more structured this year, our participating schools embraced the theme of “No Pandemic will ever stop play!” 

Global School Play Day was developed in 2015 by a small group of educators who were concerned about the lack of unstructured playtime their students got to experience. Studies show that unstructured play boosts cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development while lack of play increases stress and can lead to many physical and mental health issues.

Students did crafts, played cards, engaged in science play, and enjoyed the snow and each other’s company.  Some schools also participated in World Read Aloud Day which fell on the same date. Classes hosted guest readers including famous authors and illustrators.  
“ It was a fun filled day for all,” said WES Principal Melanie Smith.

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