CPS Fostering Positive Connections

In the name of continuing to reach every student every day during this particularly difficult time, China Primary School sent out a special request to all staff. 

“Each and every day our CPS staff give so much to meet the needs of our young students.  We do know, however, that there are children whose needs are greater than others. If you have time in your day to build a positive connection with a student (outside of your own class) who would benefit from your guidance and attention, please place your name in the table below.”

The teaching staff had come up with a list of 21 students who were facing particular challenges and could really benefit from a little additional support and mentorship. Within two days, twenty-four staff members, including teachers, specialists, ed techs, and office staff,  signed up to connect with students. 

Staff find time in their day, be it first thing in the morning, during their lunch or prep, or outside at recess, and they take a few minutes to talk with their student or share an activity together. It’s a bright spot in the day for both the staff and the students. It’s amazing how beneficial a little extra time can be.

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