Music Kits Help Students Keep the Beat at WES and ATW

This year, general music has been a little different at ATW and WES, but we are continuing to make music and learn about classroom instruments, just in a different way. 

This past summer, Mrs. Peterson, some of her friends, and her family put together 460 music kits for ATW and WES. She was fortunate to have funds from Music Boosters and many generous donations from family and community members.  These music kits have been a great way to continue to interact with the music. The students have used them weekly since the third week of school. We have played our sticks, drum pads, scrapers, and egg shakers to demonstrate many musical concepts. We have moved with our beat buddies, scarves and used our cups to demonstrate form, dynamics, tempo, rhythm and many other musical ideas.

Every week we also enjoy asking yes or no questions to try and determine what classroom instrument might be in the music mystery box! It has been a great tool to learn many musical details about the instruments – sometimes about the material they are made out of;  about the way they are played; about their history; what style of music they might be most known for, just to name a few learning points.

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