The Fullness of February at CPS

By: Tori Imes

This month has been full of learning and lots of celebrations in second grade! We had a blast celebrating Valentine’s Day together on the 14th. We played COVID-style tic-tac-toe, exchanged Valentine cards, engaged in heart stacking competitions, and did a few science experiments with Valentine candies.

On February 24, we honored and celebrated our school bus drivers and our amazing China Primary custodians! We are so thankful for Mr. Boyd, Mr. Mike, and Mr. Hannes who work so hard to make our school a warm, welcoming, and clean place! We snuck to their office and surprised them with a door full of cards to show our appreciation!

We celebrated our 100th Day of School on February 26 and our class dressed up as if we were 100 years old! Taking our spelling test, practicing addition with regrouping, and working on our endangered animals campaign posters was a lot of fun with these “oldies” who complained about their aching backs all day long!


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