Reminder: Remote Students Can Still Take Out Books

You may choose up to 4 books to borrow for 2 weeks. All books must be returned to the library in order to borrow again. If you need to renew or want new books before 2 weeks are up, just let me know!

Here’s what you do: 

  • Politely ask an adult if they are willing to pick up books at school between 7:30 and 4:00. 
  • Search the catalog for books that are IN. Make sure you are searching the catalog of the school you would attend if you were not remote.
  • Email Mrs. Bailey with your choices and school name at or contact through Google Classroom or Seesaw. 
  • Come pick up books through your school office next week. *Call ahead to let the secretary know when you are coming!
  • Read, return, repeat.

Library Catalogs

Atwood Primary School Library

Belgrade Central School Library:

James H. Bean Elementary Library:

Williams Elementary Library:

China Primary:

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