Exploring the Iditarod in BCS 4th Grade

The 4th grade (Mrs. Holinger and Mrs. Lachance) came back from February break to discover that the hallway had been transformed into the famous Alaskan sled dog race, The Iditarod.  On our first day back students learned about the snowy conditions of the Iditarod.  We used instant snow to demonstrate.  Students used their senses to make observations.  It was a little challenging to use their sense of smell with a mask on! 

Students have been reading TONS of nonfiction and learning about sled dogs, mushing and the Iditarod.  Students are also learning about the memoir genre while reading the book Woodsong by Gary Paulsen.  Students were ALL able to get a copy of the book. They’ve been able to write and highlight in their book which helps with comprehension.  We’ve been following along with the actual 2021 Iditarod.  Students each researched and chose a musher to follow.  Each day we check in and track on a map where their musher is.  It’s a fun unit and we are all enjoying it.

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