Global school Play day at JHB

Even though Global School Play Day had to look at little different than in years past, the James Bean School found a ton of great ways to keep play alive.

First graders in Miss Poulin’s class used JHB Day/Global Play Day time to complete a directed drawing of a minion. Students were then able to use watercolors to make each of their minions unique! They had so much fun following the directed drawing and getting to use watercolors!

Mrs. Dutil’s 3rd graders were very busy during our JHB Play Day. We spent our day playing fraction BINGO, learning how to fold Origami, playing some competitive Quizlet rounds, and decorating our Valentine’s Day bags. Fun was had by everyone!

Mrs. Flemming’s 2nd grade class Global School Play Day

Second grade students in Mrs. Phair’s classroom celebrated JHB play day by having fun with SCIENCE!  We asked the question which will go further, a marshmallow or a cotton ball?  Then, we had to build a catapult to find out the answer!   

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