Congratulations Ellen Gronlie

Congratulations to our talented art teacher, Ellen Gronlie, who was recently selected by Blueberry Broadcasting for their January Teacher Appreciation Award.  Ellen weaves incredible artistic magic into the life of every child she teaches.  Never was her gift more evident than last spring when our schools went into remote learning.  Ellen, who will tell you is not tech savvy, videotaped the most AMAZING lessons and invited all of her “artists” to create: with cardboard, tinfoil, string, noodles, sticks, beads…whatever they had at home…and they did it!  She created instructional videos that would guide students through the skill she was teaching that day.  These videos served as a wonderful resource for her students because they allowed students the opportunity to go back to watch the Ellen’s lesson again if necessary.  All children, no matter their resources, continued to be incredible artists, from their homes, all spring long.   

Ellen’s energy and excitement for art is contagious. She’s upbeat, happy and positive every day.  She creates projects for her students where all students can be successful.  Through positive feedback related to each student’s individual artwork, Ellen increases each student’s level of confidence.  Ellen’s actionable feedback also helps students re-evaluate their art to make every piece of art the best it can possibly be.  She helps every child reach their greatest artistic potential.  

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