Maine Maple Sunday Weekend,March 27-28

From the time the first crow flies, usually in late February, to sometime in mid-April, the
sparkling clear “sweetwater” flows. In a good year, one large tree may pour out as
much as 60 gallons of sap without suffering any injury. It seems like a lot, until you
realize that the sap will be boiled to be reduced to about one and a half gallons of
Maple Syrup.

For more information on Maine Maple
Sunday Weekend use this link.!directory/map

Contact our local Maple Producers in our school district for dates and times.

Bacon Farm Maple Products

1427 Pond Road, Sidney ME 04330
(207) 547-5053

Wolf Creek Maple
3252 Middle Rd, Sidney ME 04330

Raider’s Sugarhouse
148 Bog Brook Rd, China ME

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