Remote Teaching

No one can completely comprehend all that goes into remote teaching until one has an opportunity to observe a remote teacher in action.  Through informal/formal observations, read-alouds, and check-ins WES Principal Melanie Smith has had the pleasure of observing three of the district’s remote teachers in action at Williams Elementary School.

“I am so proud of every single one of our our district’s remote teachers,” said Melanie Smith. “This amazing group of educators have learned new technologies to enhance instruction, learning and engagement for all.  I have seen teachers use Jamboard to present information and to allow students to share information with one another.  Remote teachers have incorporated breakout rooms to strategically group students to help them process new information.  Teachers dedicate time to creating slides to present information each day.  They communicate with parents, often daily, to support the learning that is taking place in the home.  Online assessments are created to collect information on student progress with the learning targets of focus.  Our remote teachers have been brave, resilient, and creative all year long as they have navigated the unknown of remote teaching.” 

In addition to our remote teachers becoming leaders in technology for other staff in our buildings, our remote students have also become technology leaders in their classrooms.  Students support one another and their teachers by sharing their screens, splitting screens and problem solving other tech obstacles that may pop up during the day.  

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