March Madness Final Two

On April 12, at a special virtual March Madness Assembly, the winning book for the 2021 Williams Elementary March Madness Nonfiction Book Tournament will be announced. 

Usually we have a school wide assembly to announce the winner, however due to Covid we have had to be creative by planning a very different assembly.  New this year, we will be creating a video that includes student and staff interviews.  A few staff and students were asked to share which book they wanted to win and why, while others were asked to explain why they love March Madness. 

Students and staff rooting for “If You Take Away the Otter”, raved about the beautiful illustrations and all that they learned would happen if the Otter was removed from our world.  Students and staff cheering for “Fauja Singh Keeps Going” spoke of Singh’s perseverance and motivation to run marathons and also discussed how amazed they were to find out at age 100, Fauja was the oldest person to complete a marathon. 

We are all excited to find out who will be crowned this year’s winner!

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