Pandemic Learning Tools Provide New Opportunities Through Mid-Maine Global Forum

Zoom, Google Classroom, and other video conferencing prorgrams have allowed our schools to take advantage of learning experiences previously unavailable for students. Recently, an online learning opportunity at MHS occurred during Ms. Fitch and Ms. Feldpausch’s English classes.  They were able to view a presentation offered by the Mid-Maine Global Forum.  The Global Forum’s mission is to educate the community about worldwide issues and events. 

The presentation, entitled  Adjusting to School in a New Country,  consisted of a panel discussion with three area New Mainers who graduated recently from Waterville and Cony High Schools. The students immigrated from Syria and Iraq. They spoke about adjusting to life in a new country and in particular, high school. Viewers learned about the difficulties transitioning to a new culture, speaking a new language, and navigating different rules, social cues, and expectations.  

MHS students found the talk informative and were interested to learn about the experiences of these students adapting to life in Maine. The panelists clarified some of the misconceptions the MHS students had about immigrants from the Middle East. The students in the English classes were intrigued to learn about the American high school experience from another point of view.  

One of the immigrant students said she thought that living any place in America was going to be like living in New York City.  Another panelist thought life in America  would be similar to what is  portrayed on her favorite television shows. 

The young women are furthering their education and interested in careers where they will give back to the community. 

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