Tuesday Me-Time, 5/25/2021

There is sooo much going on in RSU 18 right now.  We are admittedly feeling a little scattered amidst all the buzz and excitement of the end of a most challenging school year and the upcoming middle school and high school advancement/graduation ceremonies, but we’re still here to remind you to take time for yourself and to provide you with some great ways to do so. 

Linkedin has added a new series to help you reconnect, center, and make it through your workday. Mindfulness Minute

As the pace continues to pick up, we know we’re struggling to stay on top of our fitness goals. Here’s a great little gem that can easily be incorporated into your morning commute to help you keep your eye on your health. Podcast – 20 Fit

“Twenty Minute Fitness brings you the best news and advice on nutrition, health, weight loss and digital health in less than 20 minutes!”

Despite the frantic pace, the end of each year is such an important time to connect with the young people in our lives. 

We love this piece from Character Lab that focuses on the importance of quality time and how we can model open minded thinking and communication for our children. https://characterlab.org/tips-of-the-week/reserve-judgment

It’s an incredibly busy week for our music department. Did you know that music is incredible for your brain and even your longevity? Check out this great interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Need something to do this weekend? The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens are breathtakingly beautiful right now and they even have a great new exhibit opening on May 29th. Check it out here

The sun has been out in full force lately and it sure feels good! As an appropriately timed reminder, May 28th is National Sunscreen Day! This is a great reminder for us to protect our skin year round.

Have a great week! 

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