MMS Gets Q and A with Author Ann Braden

written by Jenny Barry

Last year MMS read the book The Benefits of Being an Octopus by Ann Braden for their Community Read Book. Well, Covid had other plans, but on June 2nd 2021, some students in the building were able to connect with Ann Braden for a modified Q and A session with Ann. Team Atlantic took on the challenge of reading the book with their 6th graders this spring, and Mrs. Barry connected with students who were still interested in meeting the author, even though a year had passed. Students watched an on demand workshop video created by Ann Braden, and then were able to follow up with questions and connect with her through a google meet style visit. The students asked wonderful questions, and it was so nice to finally follow through with plans we had for last year, even though it looked a little different. The visit and video were made possible through a grant sponsored by the Onion Foundation.  Some of the students’ thoughts and words after meeting Ann were, “It was inspiring and pretty cool to talk with her. She was down to earth, easy to talk to, and seemed to just love life!”

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