So Long September at CPS

Mrs. Bentley, from China Primary School, reflected on all the learning and growth that has happened this past month at school! She says, “Our class spent the month of September getting to know our classroom and learning to work as a team.  Students did a classroom scavenger hunt to get to know more about where to find supplies or what kinds of books we had in our classroom library.  They also worked in teams to build the tallest tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows.  We discussed what kinds of shapes helped build the strongest base afterwards.  Students also worked in their table teams to “Save Fred!”  This activity required students to use only their paperclips to move Fred (the gummy worm) off his capsized boat, get him into his gummy life preserver, and put him inside the boat.  This past month we also worked on building reading stamina for a week and graphed our independent reading time as we practiced being “real” readers.  Students spent time decorating their Writer’s Notebooks before working on how to “show, not tell” in their personal narrative writing.  We spent an afternoon becoming one with the trees and going on a story walk in our school forest with Mrs. Smith!  We have already learned so much about one another and we are going to learn so much together in 4th grade this year!”

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