Celebrating Creativity, Courage, and Collaboration at RSU 18

Recently, multiple classrooms across this district celebrated International Dot Day! This day was established to celebrate creativity, courage, and collaboration among readers. Dot Day is inspired by the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds and if you are unfamiliar with the story, be sure to check it out!

Second graders at Atwood Primary School celebrated by decorating themselves with dots, using Skittles to do some dot-estimating and graphing, and made their mark by creating their own dot masterpieces! Ms. Kroemer read books by author Peter Reynolds and reminded her students that these Atwood Awesome kiddos are leaving their mark and making a difference in their school community and world!

At Belgrade Central, Mrs. Dunbar’s class celebrated the day by learning about the importance of having a growth mindset and never giving up. Students were invited to wear dots to school. If they forgot or didn’t have dots, Mrs. Dunbar was sure to cover them in dot stickers if they wanted. To begin the day, the class read The Dot by Peter Reynolds together. Then they made coffee filter dots to hang on the window for everyone to see. Next, students practiced having a growth mindset and painted their own dot watercolor painting. To end the day, students used the iPad app “Quiver” to create 3-D dots of their own. The book and activities were a perfect conclusion to understanding the importance of having a growth mindset when learning.

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