Patriots & Loyalists at Williams Elementary

5th grade teachers at WES are proud of the work their students have been doing during their first social studies unit of the year. Students have been learning about the Revolutionary War as well as the United States Constitution. The classes participated in various activities to engage in new learning such as reading books, writing poems, and creating projects to enhance their understanding. There are many important events, concepts, and vocabulary words that are key to understanding the Revolutionary War. To deepen their understanding of these concepts, students worked with partners to create acrostic poems about a given term or event – with the goal of defining the word within the poem. Students had fun expressing their learning in this way!

These fifth graders also worked in partnerships to create a project about an event that led up to the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Partners used the knowledge they gained from reading books in class as well as specific internet resources to generate their Google Slides. They also were assigned a role – either a Patriot or Loyalist! Students held discussions around how their role would have felt about the particular event they were assigned. Fifth graders practiced using their iPads to present to the Apple TV as they shared their information with the class. They loved having the opportunity to work with partners and be creative with their slides!

The final part of this social studies unit focused on the importance of having a written Constitution. Students read a short book about the US Constitution and the class discussed the concepts within the Constitution together. Students finally studied the Preamble in detail. They used online resources to decipher the meaning of each phrase in the Preamble to better understand the document.

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