MHS Author and Social Studies Teacher

MHS social studies teacher, Alan Derosby, recently spoke to students in the library about writing and his new book, Man of Clay. He has also written several short stories which have been published in anthologies. Students asked him many questions about the writing and publishing processes. It is not surprising the subject of his new novel deals with the Holocaust. Mr. Derosby is a voracious reader who is well versed in Modern European history in addition to being a Holocaust scholar.  He chose to base Man of Clay on true facts and places because he was motivated for people to learn about real events from history. The novel also deals with bullying. He wanted to provide a voice for students who face adversity in school and those who don’t fit in. Most of his short works are horror stories. Mr. Derosby’s next book, Death and Mr. Fould, is already under contract with his publisher. It should be available next winter. Until then, Man of Clay is available through Amazon on Kindle, in paperback, or you can borrow a copy from the MHS library. #WeAreRSU18

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