Science Learning with Colby

Colby professors, Lisa Miller and Julie Millard along with Colby students Josh Goldman and Olchey Tchavyntchak visited Williams Elementary on January 12 and 25 to conduct Kool-Aid Chemistry experiments with the fourth graders! First, students reviewed the color wheel and also discussed primary and secondary colors. Students created the color base and added linseed oil, gum arabic, and egg yolk to see which paint was the clumpiest, smoothest, and most glossy. By the end of the lesson, students discovered that they created their own oil, tempera, and watercolor paints! Students greatly enjoyed this hands on activity and were also happy to hear that they could keep their special safety glasses that the Colby teachers provided prior to the experiment.

Mrs. Charest’s class also participated in a science outreach Jan Plan presented by Colby College students. They have been learning about extreme weather and how to reduce the impact of severe weather. Colby professor, Lisa Miller with students, Maya and Olchey as her assistants, did a wonderful job completing experiments showing tornadoes, volcanoes, and static electricity. The students were active participants throughout the session! #WeAreRSU18

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