1. We’ve been through 2 years of Covid surges, lulls and scares. Our children have adapted to masks and social distancing amazingly. For most it is comfortable and what they know they need to do. This week is school vacation with children, parents, grandparents and friends enjoying traveling ,visiting, family and life in general. Why on earth would we let them go back to school unmasked like everything is completely normal !! It’s not normal and as you stated Covid-19 is not gone! Are those smiles really worth jeopardizing because numbers are “down”? Will they still be down after 9 days ? My strong suggestion would be continue with masks for just a couple more weeks. 2 years, we’ve gone 2 years protected! Is even just 2 weeks too much. I pray for decisions made by you and all staff and teachers and most of all for our children !! Respectfully submitted Pat Brown


  2. A great healthy decision!!
    Long overdue

    We need to seriously look at sports rqmt? What will this accomplish??
    A pissible meeting to address??

    again progress thank you

    Remember effect . 002% unless. Inderlying risk. Less symptons than a cold ? Rsv or a flu


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