Williams Elementary Eagles of the Week 3/16/22

Congratulations to Natalie Bibeau (grade 3), Jacob Gorman (grade 4), and Chase Lawler (grade 5) on earning the title as Eagles of the Week!

Natalie has been nominated by her classmates as well as her teacher for her outstanding attitude and willingness to help others. Natalie is hard working, kind, patient, and driven in every classroom she steps into. Natalie is a friend to all and is a person to lean on if there was ever a need. Natalie works hard every single day and is never afraid to ask questions or face a challenge. Keep being you, Natalie!

Jacob has been working very hard on completing his work with accuracy. He has also been working hard on having an awesome attitude and having positive communication with peers and teachers. Jacob brings joy to his classroom with all of his Kate drawings and silly jokes. Keep up the good work, Jacob! You are a really great kid and capable of moving the world!

Chase is so kind and always willing to help in the classroom whether he is asked to or just does it on his own! Chase is always participating in class activities and discussions. He shows he is engaged by asking questions and being a forward thinker. Chase is positive and always gives his best effort. WES is lucky to have Chase as a role model and keep those around him laughing with his quick-witted jokes. Keep being the magnificent person you are!


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