Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Mrs. Weatherbie’s first grade class at Atwood Primary School has been focusing on teamwork! Everyday the class practices teamwork skills, both during work time and play time. The students recently enjoyed playing the Line Up Game together. The children organized themselves by height – without talking! Mrs. Weatherbie shared that they were super successful as well as kind and respectful helpers to their classmates. They surprisingly got the job done in less than four minutes, with lots of smiles and good humor, proving that teamwork can be even more efficient than working alone!

The first graders also played Sudoku, and this particular Suduko was tough! During the exercise, they had an opportunity to help one another. Despite it being challenging, they stuck with it until it was time to pick up for the day. The students never gave up and exemplified being great “teachers, not tellers” to their friends because teamwork is all about coaching. #AtwoodAwesome #WeAreRSU18

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