Chewonki Animal Adaptation Presentation

Did you know that a butterfly’s tastebuds are located on the back of its legs? Students at WES certainty did not! Today at school the third graders at Williams Elementary enjoyed an engaging presentation by Jessica from Chewonki – and learned a tremendous amount about animal adaptations! Students learned about a variety of beaks and feet while identifying the advantages and usefulness each adaptation provided the animals. Chewonki even brought in live animals for the students to observe. The third graders were able to see a live stick bug and learned that younger stick bugs are green to blend in with the leaves that they eat, and as they grow their coloring changes to brown to help them blend in with branches. Students also got to meet Ella, a five foot long corn snake. They learned that a snake’s nose is located in its mouth. The final amazing creature that students go to meet was Woden the eastern screech owl. Little Woden was so adorable. She survived being hit by a car and had a successful surgery to remove her right eye. Also during the presentation students had opportunities to touch coyote fur, a snake skin, and the wing of an owl. The Chewonki presentation was the perfect addition to the students’ animal adaptation unit. #WeAreRSU18

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