Nonfiction Authors

Mrs. Dunbar’s class has been writing many, many nonfiction books! The students first brainstormed a list of topics that they were an expert on. Topics included ice fishing, bike riding, football, art, and more. Once the students selected their topic, they began drafting their books. The second graders learned about writing a lead that hooks their reader and states their topic. They worked to write a table of contents as well as write different sections that tell different information about their topic. They learned how to include different kinds of information in their writing – including facts, definitions of keywords, and steps. The second graders also worked on writing a strong conclusion to wrap up their piece. This week, students selected their favorite book to take through the publishing process. Together the class developed a Peer Feedback Chart and took turns reading their partner’s book and giving feedback. Students will use this feedback to revise their writing before typing it up later this week. Mrs. Dunbar’s class will be holding a Learning Expo for students to share their published books after April vacation! #WeAreRSU18

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