Painting Playgrounds

Students from Mrs. Dugan and Mrs. Salvadori’s elective groups at China Middle School participated in the Maine Environmental Education Association’s mini-grant. They decided to paint different blacktop areas around the school to brighten up their outdoor space. Thanks to the mini-grant, students were able to get the painting supplies they needed to bring the outdoor space to life.

After researching different ideas, students decided to design a few different areas around the building. On one side of the school they painted parking spaces for teachers. They also decided to create a sensory walk on the playground areas. A sensory walk is typically a fun or colorful pathway that is used for children to explore new or different sensory experiences. Sensory paths can be used to support children with sensory processing issues or to help children to develop motor skills, balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. These colorful areas will allow students to follow the path and complete the movements. They work off excess energy and develop their gross motor skills. The various movements on a path are often designed to engage different parts of the body and brain.

Students in the elective group got to stay after school to do some of their painting. The teamwork and collaboration among the students was amazing! It was exciting to see the younger students’ faces and the faculty’s faces when they found the painting completed. The sensory walk and overall designs are beautiful. Students should be very proud of their accomplishment.

#WeAreRSU18 #ChinaClippers

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