Meet Principal McGee of Atwood Primary School

We are counting down the days until we kick off the new school year! In the meantime, get to know our phenomenal RSU 18 administrators!

What jobs have you had before becoming an administrator? I have scooped ice cream and have been a camp counselor and program director at Pine Tree Camp for Handicapped Children for over 20 years. I was also a special education teacher and an English teacher!

What do you like to do in your spare time? I love to write, read, garden, and walk.  I am really a homebody and I enjoy spending time with my hubby, children, grandchildren, and extended family!  I love traveling and I enjoy nature and hanging with my pals!

What’s your favorite meal? No question about this one! Spaghetti!!!!

What’s been your best school memory – either as a student or administrator? Oh my gosh… this one is tricky! I think the very first time we had our end of the year carnival at Atwood was one of my favorite memories! Just seeing such joy on the children’s faces… watching them so jubilant as they went from activity to activity – pure joy – and all of the children being free and smiling and laughing and playing! I was blinking back tears the whole time! It was just such a success!

What would your students be surprised to find out about you? They are often surprised to discover I don’t  live in the school. Many of them think this is my house! They probably would be shocked to know I cried almost every day of early elementary school when I was a student, and I would run home and my mother would have to chase me back to school.

What’s your favorite thing to study? I love to study about education…everything education! The human brain, learning styles, working with students with challenges, teaching children from trauma and poverty… I always have more to learn!  And although I am useless in the woods, I love watching shows like: Alone and Life Below Zero. They fascinate me!

Tell us about your family! My husband and I have seven children together and we have six grandchildren and one on the way very soon!!

 What is your coffee order?  My coffee order is with cream and sugar… naughty!

What has been your greatest accomplishment? My greatest achievement has been raising my children and knowing they are good humans!



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