Exploring Monarch Life Cycles

When you think of kindergarten learning experiences, what comes to mind? For the kindergarteners in Mrs. Hatch’s class at Atwood Primary School, it is full of hands-on, real world learning!

At RSU 18, kindergarteners are immersed in life cycle exploration during their science studies, and what better way to explore life cycles than to have the opportunity to observe the life cycle of monarch butterflies up close!

To kick off learning, Mrs. Hatch’s kindergarten students raised and observed monarch butterflies through the changing caterpillar stage, the chrysalis stage, and the eventual hatching of the adult butterflies. Observation and exploration lessons led to great class discussions and these young students were exposed to high level vocabulary as well. The class was able to release the butterflies into the wild after their unit study, and Mrs. Hatch shares that releasing them is one of the most memorable experiences of the school year!

Although this beautiful unit of study may be over for these kindergarteners, don’t be too disappointed! Life cycle learning will continue throughout their kindergarten school year with studying pumpkins, reindeer, and ladybugs too!

#WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

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