Williams Elementary Eagles of the Week: 10/14/22

Congratulations to this week’s Eagles of the Week: Colton Tracy (grade 3), Lilyanna Barr (grade 4), and Lia Gaither (grade 5).

Mrs. Sucy would like to nominate Colton Tracy for the third grade Eagle of the Week. She writes, “Colton is kind, caring, and always on task. Colton is a role model in the classroom for listening while others are talking and being kind, caring, and respectful. He gives his best effort on all of his work and is always willing to help others if needed. Colton, keep being amazing and working hard!”

Mrs. Forney would like to nominate Lilyanna Barr for the fourth grade Eagle of the Week. She shares, “Lily always has a positive attitude when learning new concepts, even when they may be challenging. She perseveres and tries her best. She is not afraid to ask questions and advocate for herself and for others. Continue to work hard and be nice, Lily! Shine bright!”

Mrs. Moody would like to nominate Lia Gaither for the fifth grade Eagle of the Week. She writes, “This is Lia’s first year at WES and she has been an outstanding addition to our school community! Lia has received many classroom “shout outs” from her peers for working quietly, being focused, and always being willing to help others. She is a classroom role model for listening, participating in class discussions, and demonstrating her best effort on each assignment. Lia is happy, positive, cooperative, kind, and an outstanding EAGLE in every way. Keep shining your light, Lia! We are so glad you are part of our classroom community!”

#WeAreRSU18 #WESproud18

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