Purposeful Play + Calm Concentration

It’s no surprise that Atwood Primary School educators are intentional in all they do. Atwood’s young learners have daily opportunities to engage in purposeful play and calm concentration activities throughout their school days as they learn new content and explore the world around them.

In Mrs. Hatch’s kindergarten class, learning is the name of the game. The kindergarteners, who go by the name “Hatch’s Hoppers,” can be found engaged in purposeful play on a regular basis. Some recent favorites include games such as Sneaky Bear, Sticky Ball, and Top-it. These games allow children to repeatedly practice sight words, counting, letters, and letter sounds in ways that weave together learning and fun while building a sense of community. Of course, there is also great value in children learning social skills like turn-taking and sportsmanship. 

In Mrs. Weatherbie’s first grade class, the children have been learning about the brain –  and how to use the “thinking part” (prefrontal cortex) rather than the “emotional part” (amygdala) during learning times. This lesson challenges first graders to practice growth mindset. A great way to practice growth mindset is by choosing difficult tasks… and not “flipping your lid!” Every Friday, the handwriting lesson is a drawing lesson. The children particularly enjoy a book character named “Zog” who happens to be a dragon, so recently they were challenged to complete a directed drawing of a dragon. By utilizing techniques such as meditating each morning, breathing deeply and using calming tools, as well as understanding that we learn from trying and from mistakes, the children have demonstrated understanding how to master their frustration and enjoy challenges! The result of their calm concentration is some pretty great dragons!

#WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

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