Congratulations Ms. Bullard – Marcia Lovell Award Winner

Join us in congratulating Kristen Bullard, of the James H. Bean School, on becoming a Marcia Lovell Award Winner! We are so proud of her and the work she does with our Pre-K students!

Below, you can read the nomination entry, and learn about the incredible things Ms. Bullard brings to her classroom as well as our community and schools.

Why are you nominating this person for a Marcia Lovell Award?
Kristen is one of the most devoted and talented early childhood teachers I know. A local leader in nature-based education, she brings this passion and capacity to every work setting she has been a part of and presents at national conferences. She is creative, constantly innovating to welcome children and their families. She is also brave – standing up for what she believes. She is a fantastic colleague – mentoring those who work with her. She now supports student teachers as well, and they are grateful to work with her. She is also able to support those who have been in the field far longer with grace and ease. In my many years as a classroom teacher and now teacher educator, Kristen is one of the most gifted and principled teachers l’ve ever met. Always smiling, she is brilliant and kind, and our region is lucky to have her.

How many years and in what capacity has this person been working in the field of early childhood education or out-of-school time programming?
I believe 5-8 years.

How does this person advocate for better lives for children?
Kristen fights for children. She makes sure her students have the curriculum, care, and even food that they need. She chooses her students even when it’s difficult – respectfully pushing back on policy and curriculum when it hurts families and children. She is brave and thoughtful.

How does this person support the inclusion of children at risk and/or those with disabilities in high-quality programming?
Kristen is constantly learning (now going back to school) so that she can improve the quality of the experiences of her students. She is especially passionate about helping children who are at risk or find themselves minorities in their community. She makes a point of learning more and partnering with families to provide the best support.

Marcia believed that the arts are an integral part of any education program. How does this person incorporate the arts into their program?
Kristen is an artist – committed to both the aesthetics of her classroom and teaching children art. As a professor of early childhood, I often feature her displays in my classroom to showcase how one might create Reggio inspired documentation. Projects she has done with her students have inspired countless of my own pre-service teachers. She is especially gifted at integrating the arts and nature based education.

Congratulations again, Ms. Bullard, and thank you for your work. You are deserving of all the recognition. #WeAreRSU18

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