Young Artists at Work

Students at Williams Elementary have been working hard creating art for the lobby. Their theme this year is “Reaching for the Stars.” Students are studying artists that painted the night sky. They began the unit reading Reach for the Stars by Serge Bloch, a book full of idioms. They painted a star to hang from the lobby ceiling. Over 240 stars will hang from the ceiling! Students compared the collage art of Henri Matisse and Eric Carle. Students spent time creating beautiful papers using a variety of art tools and paint. They used their collage papers to create their names. They added their photos and then collaged or drew planets, stars, or lightning bolts. Some created a self-portrait of their strengths, interests, or passions. Check out the Williams Lobby in a week or two. You may be star struck; you will definitely be amazed at the creativity of the awesome artists at Williams. #WeAreRSU18 #WESproud18

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