Williams Elementary Eagles of the Week: 12/22/22

Congratulations to this week’s Williams Elementary Eagles of the Week: Aubrie Witham (3rd grade), Aiden Desrosiers (4th grade), and Darcie-Jo Farmer (5th grade).

The third grade Eagle of the Week award goes to Aubrie Witham! Mrs. Charest nominated Aubrie because of her spunky and lively personality. Mrs. Charest writes, “Aubrie’s excitement about learning, high level of interest in any activity, and sense of surprise and curiosity is contagious. Aubrie is always thinking about her classmates as she works well and plays kindly with them. She works hard in the classroom to get her work done neatly and takes pride in that! Keep shining that bright, spunky light Aubrie and don’t ever stop being you!!”

Mrs. Forney’s class nominated Aiden Desrosiers for the fourth grade Eagle of the Week! They write, “Aiden is always polite and kind to others. He has a positive attitude that is often contagious. His smile can light up a room. He is deeply respectful of his classmates and their ideas even if they vary from his own. He thinks outside the box but recognizes there is more than one way to solve a problem. Aiden is a huge asset to #TeamForney. Fly high, Aiden!”

Miss Hilton’s class nominated Darcie-Jo Farmer as Eagle of the Week. They write, “Darcie is very hardworking and strives to do well in every subject. She is a caring classmate and student. You can often find her helping a peer or teacher, often without being asked. Darcie is kind and respectful to everyone. Keep up the great work, Darcie! We are happy to have you as part of our classroom community! #WeAreRSU18 #WESproud18

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